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“New” powers for Chief of Defence Staff

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Common Sense



As discussed in the Standing Committee on National Defence, the Privy Council Order #2012-0861, authorizes the CDS to provide financial relief whereas there was no authority previously.  It remains to be seen if this is a/ retroactive, or b/enforceable in situations governed by TBS/NJC programs (as in the HEA).

This PCO order was issued on 19 June 2012 and there is no indication that it has been exercised to date.  The text of the PCO reads as follows:

“His Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Treasury Board and the Minister of National Defence, makes the annexed Canadian Forces Grievance Process Ex Gratia Payments Order.




1. (1) The Chief of the Defence Staff may authorize an ex gratia payment to a person in respect of whom a final decision is made under the grievance process established under the National Defence Act.

(2) A payment under subsection (1) may only be authorized if the final decision is made on or after the day on which this Order comes into force.

2. The Chief of the Defence Staff may delegate the power to authorize a payment under subsection 1(1) to an officer who is directly responsible to the Chief of the Defence Staff.

3. The power to authorize a payment under subsection 1(1) is subject to any conditions imposed by the Treasury Board.”


Only one problem, the people who brought this issue to light, those most affected are still not able to get any relief.



Marcus Brauer



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