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Military Families Forced into Bankruptcy (denied relocation entitlements)

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146 of 146 military families were systemically denied their entitlements by the Crown. The research is done, the application for Federal Court is drafted but the one person moving this forward is already financially destroyed. Because the affected members are financially devastated, there is no opportunity to get this to Federal Court (the next and final stage in the resolution of the issue). This is also a clear demonstration, that CF members grieving a TBS controlled policy, cannot get justice as they are financially limited.I have a few options remaining, and will be taking it to Federal Court regardless, but it would be best if I did not have to disadvantage my family any further (financially).Updates are regularly posted to https://healoss.wordpress.com/ which has quite a following and has all media releases, press coverage and a good taste of evidence, but without any assistance it is pretty difficult to get any traction.I am not very good at fundraising, but I aim to raise about $20,000 in order to get the appropriate legal team on board. Without it, I’m afraid that by taking this case forward as a test case on my own, will not do justice to the affected families. It would be a shame to lose on a technicality. Especially since the issue is so well supported by the CF Ombudsman, CDS, CFGBA, my Member of Parliament and Canadian society.I hope to have a fundraising webpage up shortly, but need some help. Any one that is willing to help out, please share this info and help out with fundraising.Thank you.



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