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As I listen to the military, politicians and Canadians discuss the recent deaths of CAF members, all seem to identify that more needs to be done, that we need to listen to the issues and to resolve issues quickly.  I ask that anyone reading this share that this family, my family has hung in there. 3 1/2 years fighting for our entitlements, slowly moving towards bankruptcy.  We need help, support and commitment from the Canadian Armed Forces in resolving this issue.  Solders and their families should not have to fight this issue themselves…it is an issue between Treasury Board and DND, yet, only our family is bearing the weight of funding and working this issue.  


At what cost? Our health, family, home and well being.  Any hope of a future, despair and depression.  Why does it take such significant issues for anyone to look at the issues?  We are out over $250,000 fighting for CF Families and it is costing me my family and my health.


Please help us, spread the word. Donate and help us make it through. I was taught to stand up for our troops, however I am out of things to sell and running out of steam.  Our family has done our part, I don’t want to be a statistic. and support our troops.


We have been asked to come forward for help, we need help…now!

We need support, we need your assistance…Image


Please read more at https://healoss.wordpress.com/


Written by Major Marcus Brauer

December 4, 2013 at 21:44

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