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Defence Minister Peter MacKay defends efforts to compensate military families for financial losses

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Approaching 4 years with no resolution for affected military families. Some are out of pocket over $100,000.


OTTAWA — Defence Minister Peter MacKay on Wednesday defended steps taken by National Defence to ensure military families aren’t being forced to swallow huge financial losses after being ordered to move to new cities and bases.

But MacKay didn’t explain how he planned to break the bureaucratic logjam that has left dozens of military families out in the cold, prompting opposition questions about the government’s interest in helping those in need.

Canada’s military ombudsman, Peter Daigle, told the Ottawa Citizen in a recent interview that National Defence has a backlog of about 212 complaints for the military’s grievance process, with the majority related to forced moves.

Transfers are one of the biggest stresses on military families, which can face moves half a dozen times or more over the course of a military career.

National Defence does have programs in place to protect military personnel from losing money when selling homes…

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Written by Major Marcus Brauer

January 3, 2014 at 15:38

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  1. Who could have imagined after they returnied from Afganistan that soldiers woud have to take on our own government. I am enraged that after they returned the tresurey board would pull the rug out from under them by renaging on promises made to our soldiers. Over the past 4 years you and at least 146 other CF.Families have continued the fight for what you are entitled to.. I hope that 2014 will finally bring a just, long overdue resolution..


    Bernt Brauer

    January 3, 2014 at 16:56

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