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‘Community’ at heart of military housing case

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“the judge wanted to know why the Treasury Board Secretariat didn’t produce an economic analysis when assessing Brauer’s application, relying instead on local media reports, news releases and undated blog posts to justify their decision.”

Global News

HALIFAX – The definition of a single word — community — is at the heart of an unusual case involving a Canadian soldier seeking compensation to cover the $88,000 he lost on the sale of his home when the military forced him to move from Alberta in 2010.

Maj. Marcus Brauer, who now lives in Halifax, appeared Tuesday in Federal Court to ask Judge Richard Mosley to order the Treasury Board Secretariat to review its decision to grant him only $15,000 in compensation.

Brauer’s lawyer, Daniel Wallace, argued that Ottawa should have covered all of his client’s losses because there is a policy in place offering financial protection for military members forced to move from depressed housing markets.

“This was a devastating financial blow for Maj. Brauer,” Wallace said.

Wallace told the court that housing prices in Bon Accord, Alta., dropped 23 per cent during the three years Brauer lived…

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Written by Major Marcus Brauer

April 15, 2014 at 20:06

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