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Military Family’s Home Equity Assistance Battle – Update

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Good evening everyone: As of last week, Treasury Board Secretariat still has not assigned anyone to carry out the Federal Court Judge’s direction. We have not received any reimbursement at this time. Further, we have submitted a claim against the Crown due to some of the FCC findings, specifically that: “I find that the TBS decision was unreasonable in the sense that it was not justified and was outside the range of acceptable outcomes defensible in light of the facts and the law.” and “In my view, TBS relied on irrelevant, post-dated and unsubstantiated information. The impression the Court is left with from the investigative file material and the memorandum is of an after-the-fact justification, not a fair minded evaluation. A case was made to justify the negative conclusion previously delivered.” 4 years is too long to wait for an entitlement. Marcus   (Photo of TBS minister courtesy of Maclean’s)


Written by Major Marcus Brauer

July 24, 2014 at 19:40

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