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Treasury Board Secretariat delays Home Equity Assistance decision

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Latest update from the Treasury Board of Canada…nothing. Not even an e-mail.

Federal Court Case was decided in May 2014, and TBS refuses to provide an update http://politwitter.ca/page,/videos/id/41803 .  Our entitlements have now been denied almost five years and we are getting very little support. We get no support from the legion, MFRC (aside from a Christmas hamper), or the government. We have received some assistance from my workplace, Jumpstart for Kids and our Church.

If you know anyone interested in historical material, antiques or military collectables, please see my personal items for sale. This is how we are currently supporting our family. Hundreds of items up to 65% off at http://stores.ebay.ca/UNDER-PRESSURE-ANTIQUES.  This is not a store, these are our possession for sale in order to buy time for TBS to abide by the Federal Court of Canada’s decision.

tony peaceMoney raised, buys us time.  Thank you all.


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  1. Hey Marcus,

    Sorry for not calling you, after seriously looking at your Business Case, the market situation here in Pemberton, BC, and realizing that if I go to sell and lose my HEA case (which is probable given what I’ve read), that I will certainly lose all of my investment in my house, and be down well over $100K!

    I have decided to keep my property, rent it out (at a probable monthly loss), and rent in my new posting…I’m not too excited about it, but I have extended my welcome in my current 4 year posting (I’ve been here for 5) and it’s time to move on.

    I am outraged for our situation, and yours in particular. Getting the big D from our “pro military/police” Conservative Government is not why they were voted in. The swap of Fantino for O’Toole will certainly not change the way the TB handles the HEA program. My guess is that it will be wiped out from all policy the next chance the big “C” has to shove another omnibus bill down our throats.

    I still plan on writing a letter to my MP outlining this travesty and I will be following your case as it “continues”. Best of luck with the Class Action!

    Jeff Shore


    Jeff Shore

    January 8, 2015 at 00:03

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