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The Canadian Forces and the Canadian Forces Housing Agency have rental
accommodations for some military members. A guiding paper was published entitled
ìAccommodation in support of the Canadian Forces: A Vision for 2020î. This paper highlights
some specific factors which are relevant to HEA. Specifically:

a. ìAccommodation is an essential element in maintaining the morale of CF
members and thus contributes to operational effectiveness. More importantly,
Accommodation 2020 is a commitment by the Department and the Canadian
Forces that our personnel will be able to secure suitable accommodation
wherever we may require them to serveî;52

b. There is a social contract and therefore an expectation, that the entitlements
denoted in policies and directives to support our soldiers are attainable. ìDND is
committed to ensuring that CF members are able to secure accommodation which
is suitable to personal circumstances, in a timely fashion and at any location
where duty demandsî53 CFHA advises there are no accommodations in Halifax
available to support a family of 7. The largest home that they could rent is a 4
bedroom and there is a waiting list. Even if there were no waiting list, this would
not be large enough. If CFHA is not capable of housing a large family, then this
is yet another factor when considering special consideration of buying and selling
homes for large military families;

c. ìAccommodation is also a basic human support need that must be met as part of
the modern social contract with our people;î54 and

d. ìAccommodation Principles: Canadian Forces members must be able to secure
accommodation that is suitable and available. When access to suitable or
available accommodation is denied or constrained, DND and the CF are prepared
to intervene to maintain the mobility of CF membersî55 Further, ìCanadian
Forces members must be able to secure residential accommodation that is
appropriate to their household and consistent with Canadian societal norms.î56

Based on the principles, promises and direction promulgated to Canadian Forces
personnel by our leadership, one would assume that meeting the criteria within a policy (HEA)
would be validation enough to claim reimbursement. If that were not the case, surely with the
guiding principles above in mind, special consideration to the application of the HEA policy
could be made to designate Bon Accord as a depressed market, based on the individual situation
involved with this application.


Written by Major Marcus Brauer

May 8, 2015 at 21:49

Posted in Class Action

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