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The Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program

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The Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program.


As the 5 year fight for our entitlements continues, I thought I would provide a few descriptions of the program from official sources:

  • Despite the efforts of DCBA 2, the provisions of the CF IRP remain confusing, vague, contradictory and difficult to understand all of which has contributed to a high number of adjudication requests. (CAF Ombudsman);
  • The office is concerned that the CF IRP, with its changing entitlements and approval authorities, has become a complex moving target for individual service members to access (Ombudsman);
  • we’re addressing the benefits with Treasury Board as the ombudsman outlines, house hunting trips to expand that, come up with a different formula for home equity assistance (Chief of Military Personnel-2013)
  • The Board recommended that the CDS direct that the HEA policy applicable to CF members selling their homes upon posting be re-examined with a view to reducing the impact of losses on sale to a reasonable and minimally detrimental level (2010 – Canadian Forces Grievance Board);
  • “…The Treasury Board Relocation Policy in the Middle of a period of government restraint has left the impression that saving money on relocation costs at the expense of CF personnel and their families is the primary objective.  This is absolutely not the case.  You can still apply to the directorate of compensation benefits administration for special consideration.  In short, the policy was designed to ensure YOU DO NOT GO OUT OF POCKET FOR EXPENSES THAT ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CF”;
  • 2007 – “the CFIRP serves to relocate service members, their family, and their goods in an efficient and cost-effective fashion, while minimizing disruptions to CF operations and military members.”CANFORGEN 093/07 CMP 038/07 241401Z MAY 07 UPDATE – CANADIAN FORCES INTEGRATED RELOCATION PROGRAM (CF IRP);
  • 2009-“there is a perception that benefits have been reduced as opposed to enhanced… the policy was designed to ensure you do not go out of pocket for expenses that are the responsibility of the CF”CANFORGEN 130/09 CMP 056/09 201717Z JUL 09 CLARIFICATION OF THE CF RELOCATION POLICY ON DOOR TO DOOR MOVES

  • 2010 – “…the intent of the policy is to ensure that personnel are not required to pay for expenses that ought to be assumed by the CF” CANFORGEN 078/10 CMP 036/10 311602Z MAR 10 2010 CANADIAN FORCES INTEGRATED RELOCATION PROGRAM



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May 9, 2015 at 21:16

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