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TBS decision based on erroneous report and “manipulated” data

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13 May 2015 House of Commons

Mr. Robert Chisholm (Dartmouth—Cole Harbour, NDP):

“Mr. Speaker, last week Major Marcus Brauer was informed that his claim for home equity assistance benefits has been rejected. It is devastating news to Major Brauer and his family.

This Canadian Forces member lost $88,000 on the sale of his home when he was ordered to relocate. The Conservatives have spent almost as much money fighting with Major Brauer as it would have cost to simply honour the commitment.

Why do the men and women in uniform in our country have to fight the government tooth and nail for the benefits they deserve?”

Hon. Tony Clement (President of the Treasury Board, CPC):

“Mr. Speaker, what I can tell the House is that in compliance with the Federal Court’s May 2014 order, there was an independent, impartial review that was conducted. Of course we relied on the advice of that independent third party expert in the conclusion that in fact the market was not depressed”.


Find the link below, some of the issues in the “independent third party expert”. These issues were not addressed. The Treasury Board figures that

Ltr. to G. Hector – 12-Dec-14

You make the call.


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