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TBS used wrong assessment criteria for HEA well into 2012 (after turning down hundreds)

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TBS access to information requests reveal new HEA numbers.  Page 143 of the report above indicate that there were 458 applications for Home Equity Assistance in 3 years. Of those, 191 personnel exhausted their envelopes and could have used the HEA entitlement if they met the criteria.

In the period 2007-2015, only 2 applications have been approved. Neither of these HEA approvals met the 20% criteria (which was not even assessed), and yet ALL the other applications were denied (as was mine) for not meeting the 20%.

An interesting point, in 2012 the TBS was still (wrongly) using the 20% value as determined by the house in question’s difference having to drop by 20%, instead of what is clearly stated in the policy (community dropping by 20%).  DND let them know in 2012, yet members still were denied on this maladministration. See pages 224 and 233 of the attached.


Hey, wait a minute…TBS was using the wrong criteria in 2012? Thats a full 3 years after the issue was brought to their attention and after hundreds of troops were denied their entitlements!


Written by Major Marcus Brauer

May 14, 2015 at 23:03

Posted in Class Action

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