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Military Families remain in limbo over relocation entitlements (5 years and counting)

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Even after winning their case against the Treasury Board of Canada, military families continue to have to fight for their entitlements. The Brauer family has been fighting the TBS since 10 May 2010 (5 years, 3 months) and have to once again take the TBS to court over their illegal decision to systematically deny the relocation entitlement.


The Brauers were out of pocket $88,000 when the military mandated their move from Alberta to Nova Scotia. Although a small portion (approx $15k) was reimbursed, the policy indicates that 100% should be covered if the local housing market fell more than 20%. The market in this (and other cases) fell more than 20%.

We have done everything in our power to right this wrong by the government, especially when we caught them doing this in such an underhanded manner. To systematically deny all applications without even reviewing the files is not acceptable, in any organization.

This is not how soldiers should be treated. Having to fundraise to take their own government to court for entitlements which are justified and proven. This issue affects hundreds of soldiers, but few are willing to speak out due to the repercussions of whistleblowing. Until the Brauers initiated their case, all applications were systematically denied. However, during the case, two cases were retroactively announced.


The law office of Michele Drapeau  is currently leading the case against the TBS in an attempt for accountability within the federal government. Details and updates may be found at http://www.healoss.wordpress.com. Updates on the current case against the government may be found at http://cas-ncr-nter03.cas-satj.gc.ca/IndexingQueries/infp_RE_info_e.php?court_no=T-925-15


Written by Major Marcus Brauer

August 18, 2015 at 20:52

Posted in Class Action

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