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Military Relocation Petition – Investigation into Treasury Board Secretariat

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Scales of Justice and Judge`s gavel

  1.  After years of harassment, illegal orders, bullying, personnel accessing my military medical records, name calling, retribution, career implications and a few days ago, my computer files deleted making my work next to impossible. I remained silent…until supervisors began to actively try and get me removed from the military.
  2. I’ve taken my observations to the applicable offices where they are being politely ignored.
  3. I am not sure how many times I will have to go to Federal Court to win this fight, however I do know that beyond a doubt, TBS has been caught, in Federal Court, cheating our military families and NO ONE IS WILLING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! I am only one man, and I have reached my limit. I have no doubt that TBS will continue to appeal, as they are using your tax dollars to do so. The only end is to have them investigated, based on the findings of the Federal Court of Canada, so they are forced to do the right and ethical decision, and fulfil their policy obligations, and pay the Home Equity Assistance to those affected.
  4. Now,  soldiers are not allowed to initiate petitions, but if they were allowed, it might look something like this:

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED citizens of Canada, draw the attention of the House of Commons to the following:

  • Whereas, all but two applications for military relocation entitlements (CFIRP home equity assistance, 100% from Core) has been systematically and inappropriately denied by Treasury Board Secretariat;
  • These blanket denials were based on misinformation, out of date housing market information and the unconstitutional use of blanket denials;
  • That those who met the criteria as outlined in policy were denied due to TBS adding criteria after the fact which denies all applicants the possibility of their entitlements,
  • That the denial has resulted in the loss of soldiers equity and savings exceeding $200,000 in some cases;
  • That the soldiers themselves are limited in ability to voice their concerns due to their relationship with the Government and fear of retribution and harassment;
  • That the Chief of Defence Staff is unable to resolve this issue within the department of National Defence due to the policy constraints;
  • That the TBS and DCBA continue to mis-apply the 20% rule using individual losses vs. the 20% community sales amount as laid out in policy, even after being corrected by senior staff;
  • For those who did not meet the 20% criteria, that the policy was not kept current and the losses suffered by soldiers are not in line with the CFIRP policy intent.

Therefore, your petitioners call upon the House of Commons//Prime Minister to:

  1. reassess all CFIRP applications in accordance with policy, using the accepted definition of community (not area);
  2. consider the % required for 100% HEA to be lowered considering the dramatic increase in housing costs; and
  3. initiate a ministerial review of the negligent activities of those responsible for this mal-administration of the CFIRP process.

Please support our troops, and their families.

Marcus Brauer

(902) 466-4339


Written by Major Marcus Brauer

October 9, 2015 at 00:29

Posted in Class Action

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