Home Equity Assistance

100% Home Equity Assistance in CFIRP

Briefing Note to Chief of Defence Staff-Home Equity Assistance

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CDS BN – Link

Access to Information has provided yet another insight into how the Home Equity Assistance has bee kept away from the troops.  The CDS directed DCBA to do a briefing note on the issue, and as attached, the briefing note does not look into the 100% HEA from core, which as been systematically denied, it only refers to the minimal 1% of individuals who were affected.  Thanks to the staffers in DCBA/DGCB who had a hand in this…specifically:

Capt V Caldwell (Author)

LCol L. Jones (Now works at TBS) (DCBA)

Major P. Fraser (DGCB)

LCol J Larouche (DCBA)

Cdr E. Kahler (DGCB) and

Capt(N) Bisson (CMP) Signatory


Written by Major Marcus Brauer

November 13, 2015 at 15:02

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